290 Wet/Dry Vacuum Series

Key Features

• Patented self-sealing intake ensures positive vacuum seal
while still allowing hose to swivel.
• Acoustically designed lid assembly minimizes noise.
• Rugged Ametek Lamb® motors.

General Overview

• Available in 6,15 & 20 gallon tank sizes.
• Tanks constructed of durable polyethylene, virtually
indestructible with a seven year warranty not to break,
chip or crack.
• Comes complete with Wet/Dry Tool Kit – 1 ½” (4cm)
• 15 gallon models are available in single or twin motors
that operate separately or simultaneously.
• 20 gallon model is a twin motor Tip N Pour

Ease of Use

• Multiple tools and attachments available to meet all your
cleaning needs.
• Available in single, dual or triple vacuum motors.
• All 290 series vacuums come standard with swivel cuff
hose connectors eliminating hose binding.
• 15 & 20 gallon units have optional Big GulpTM wide area
squeegee for picking up large amounts of liquid.
• Paper collection bags for dry only pick-up.
• Optional 27” or 33” front mount squeegee.