170 Walk-Behind Scrubbers
Step behind a high-powered, compact scrubber with outstanding maneuvering capabilities and unsurpassed performance

Minuteman's 170 SCRUBBERS Meet Small to Mid-Sized Floors Head-On With Easy Operation, Increased Maneuverability and High Performance Cleaning.

The 170 is designed with hand controls within easy reach of the operator and feature a multi-position grip handle for greater operator comfort. These scrubbers also offer easy access to batteries and other electrical components by simply raising the solution/recovery tank.

Enhanced Safety Features
The 170 features a protective circuit breakers which guard against thermo overload. Plus, an automatic water shut-off valve immediately turns the vacuum off when the recovery tank is full. Features such as these make Minuteman a leader in safety and efficiency.

Durable, Rugged Construction, Convenient and Transportable
Minuteman's hallmark rotational molded, polyethylene housing is non-corrosive and so durable that it's almost indestructible. . Easily transportable, these compact scrubbers load into vans - the 170 even fits into a station wagon - for convenient transport.

Step Up To a Compact, Walk-behind Scrubber.
Minuteman's scrubbers perform like precision skaters on ice - they never miss a spot and can follow any edge. Take a closer look at a champion today.

The 170 Traction Drive
All of our high powered scrubbers do the job - it just depends on the specific cleaning program and facility.However, if your location is smaller, yet still requires the efficiency of an automatic scrubber, then the 17" width 170 may be just right for you. The 170 cleans in tight and heavy traffic areas with ease. Talk to a Minuteman representative to determine the scrubber that best suits your individual needs.

Simple 3-Step Process
Minuteman's compact, walk-behind scrubbers are simple to use.
Simply lower the brush and pivoting squeegee
2 Activate the vacuum and brush motor switches
3 Adjust the solution flow and go

It's that simple, and it's all done from an operator friendly control panel right under your fingertips.

Minuteman's 170 floor scrubber cleans the toughest floors and is built to last.

Perfect for Schools, Hospitals, Fast Food Restaurants, Drug Stores and More.

Simplified operator control panel aids in ease of operation, and the dome "bubble view" window assures floors are scrubbed clean.

Floor is left dry and ready for traffic immediately
1. 7 year warranty on solution/recovery tank
2. Tank is filled wiht clean water and detergent
3. Brush agitation scrubs and cleans the floor
4. Pivoting squeegee vacuums dirty water into recovery tank
5. Flexible hose detaches for fast, convenient emptying
6. Multi-position handle

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