X-829 Series

General Overview

  • U.L.P.A. filtered vacuums for the safe recovery of asbestos, lead, mold, hexavalent chromium and other hazardous materials
  • Available in a 6 gallon or 15 gallon dry only or wet/dry to fit any remediation need
  • Dry recovery unit vacuums directly into a disposable bag
  • Direct load to a 6 mil lined tank increases cleaning capacity, eliminates double handling of debris and reduces decontamination time

X-829 Series U.L.P.A. Filter Vacuum

Key Features:
  • Vacuum equipped with U.L.P.A. (Ultra Low Penetration Air) filter which is 99.999% efficient at 0.12 microns
  • Non-woven, embossed, polyester filter bag provides 50% more filtration area than standard bags
  • State-of-the-art polypropylene lid assembly is accoustically designed to minimize noise down to
    72 dba
  • Polyethylene tanks are durable, non-corrosive and dent-proof for years of reliable service
  • Patented, self-sealing intake ensures a positive vacuum seal while still allowing the hose to swivel for maximum cleaning convenience
  • Sure-grip quick release mechanism makes it easy to connect and remove hoses
  • Patented safety interlock system with a unique micro-switch. If the U.L.P.A. filter is not properly installed, the vacuum will not start
  • Convenient 50 foot power cord

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Air Flow: 6 Gal units – 95 CFM (15 m) / 15 Gal units -110 CFM (3.1 m3)
Tank Construction: Polyethylene
Tank Size: 6 Gal & 15 Gal models available
Vacuum Waterlift: 6 Gal units – 85″ (2159 mm) / 15 Gal units -105″ (2670 mm)

Green Features

  • Ergomic wheel design for ease of use
  • Sound level < = 70dBa