E Ride 26


E Ride 26

Key Features:
  • E Ride 26 in cylindrical or disc – 26” floor cleaning path
  • Solution/Recovery tank: 27 gallons
  • Five position control panel
  • Dual side entry and 180 degree view
  • Fully variable solution flow rate
  • Removable debris box on cylindrical scrub deck
  • Two caster wheels ensure proper squeegee alignment
  • Turns 360 degrees on its own axis for exceptional manueverability
  • Durable construction : structural steel tubing that is powder coated to resist corrosion and a rotationally molded polyethylene solution/recovery tank
  • In both cylindrical and disc systems, brushes are computer controlled to follow the contour of the floor
  • Equipped with Aqua-Stop

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Front Wheels: 3” x 10” solid w/cross hatch
Front Wheels: 3” x 10” solid w/cross hatch
Rear Wheels: 3 x 12” soft ride cross hatch non-marking gray
Recovery Capacity: 27 Gallons (102 liters)
Solution Capacity: 27 Gallons (102 liters)
Vacuum Waterlift: 70” waterlift (177.8 cm)
Working Speed: up to 4mph

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