Minuteman floor scrubbers deliver professional results at prices you can afford. Learn more about some of our most popular commercial floor scrubbers for sale below!

Port a Scrub 12

This commercial floor scrubber is a versatile and compact cleaning machine that works on any type of hard floor, including escalators, vinyl, rubber floors, tile, marble, hardwood, granite, concrete, studded rubber, short-nap carpeting, slate, brick, quarry tile and more. Extremely maneuverable and operator-friendly, this floor scrubber is ideal for congested areas.

Port a Scrub 14

Featuring dual articulated squeegees, the Port a Scrub 14 is perfect for cleaning in both close quarters and open areas. Convenient features include four height settings for brush height and wear, three optional brush choices for different surfaces and a one gallon clean water tank on the handle for quick removal and easy filling.


The H20 is a compact disc brush floor scrubber designed specifically for healthcare facilities and hospitals. Featuring a 20-inch cleaning path, the H2O is an extremely quiet cleaning machine, and its compact size makes it ideal for cleaning around tight corners and small spaces.


This mid-sized floor scrubber is ideal for healthcare facilities and hospitals. Its silence mode reduces sound pressure from 70 to 66 decibels, enabling operators to clean during the day without disrupting normal operations. The recovery tank is easy to clean and hygienic, and its compact design makes cleaning in tight areas easy.

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