Rush Series Extractor

Rush Series Heated Carpet Extractor

Key Features:
  • Heat-ready extractors offer the ultimate in carpet cleaning performance
  • The external heater is easily installed or removed for easy maintenance, and keeps heat away from the motor compartment
  • Upright-mounted motors along with a special intercooler guarantee long life and durability
  • Standard 5-gallon bucket is under drain valve for easy emptying
  • Easily opens with two screws for easy servicing
  • Easy access top-mounted switches
  • Sealed motor cavity protects electronics from water damage
  • Convenient back mounted components make it easy to maneuver the machine out of the way while cleaning
  • Large rear wheels protect all the components from damage during transport
  • 3 sides are totally free of fittings so it’s easy to load without damage on either side, the front or on its wheels with the casters locked
  • Twist lock cord allows you to drop the cord in place and wheel the machine to a drain or toilet to ll or empty

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How to Operate

Rush 500 Operation