Scrubmaster B5

General Overview

• Cleans Close to Walls, Deep into Corners, and Under Obstacles
• Delta-Cleaning System with Neutral Forward Drive
• Low Water and Power Consumption
• Silent Mode for Noise Sensitive Areas

The flat cleaning head is designed in such a way that cleaning close to walls, deep into corners and under furniture and substructures with an under clearance of as little as 4.72″ is possible.
Low water and power consumption and offers a silent mode for noise sensitive areas.

The Scrubmaster B5 - Micro Floor Scrubber

General Overview:

The Scrubmaster B5 makes surfaces accessible for machine assisted cleaning that could previously only be reached with a mop.
The Scrubmaster B5 does so with great mobility, excellent maneuverability, and little physical effort on the part of the user.
Thanks to the innovative Delta Cleaning System the operator can determine the working speed at any time and precisely approach narrow areas and corners.

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Technical Data: SM17QP
Working width scrubbing: 17 in
Width squeegee: 22 in
Theoretical area performance: 1400 ft²/h
Power Source: Battery
Traction Drive: No
Type of brushes: Orbital
No. of brushes: 1
Brush diameter: 17 in
Brush speed in rpm: 1450/1880
Brush pressure: 44 lb
Solution tank in gallons: 1.3 gallons
Rated voltage: 24 Volts
Rated power – brush motor: 200 Watts
Rated power – suction motor: 260 Watts
Battery capacity: 12.8 Ah
Theoretical Runtime: 60 min
Practical Runtime: 45 min
Length: 23.6 in
Width squeegee: 19/22 in
Height: 46 in
Weight w/o battery: 44 lb
Gross weight with battery: 59.5 lb
Noise level: 68/68 dB(A)