Automatic Floor Scrubber

RoboScrub 20, Minuteman’s innovative automatic floor scrubber, is the efficient and effective autonomous cleaning solution for a variety of commercial settings including shopping centers, grocery stores, warehouses, and production halls.

Autonomous Cleaning – with reliable results!

This self-driving floor scrubber utilizes built-in cameras and sensors that integrate with intuitive BrainOS® Technology to safely navigate surroundings, detect and avoid people and obstacles, and learn new paths. Its patented Aqua Stop banded brush applies soft, non-abrasive nylon bristles to deliver deep cleaning without damaging floors.

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Robotic Floor Scrubber

  • Exceptional maneuverability to navigate narrow aisles and complex environments
  • Battery-operated to deliver up to four hours of operation
  • Cleans up to 24,500 square feet per hour
  • Designed to accommodate a range of floor types, from polished concrete to Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT)
  • Keeps water inside the brush deck to prevent over-spraying and conserve water usage
  • Converts to a conventional ride-on floor scrubber-drier for immediate quick cleaning needs

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Features & Benefits

  • Compact programmable automated floor scrubber
  • Intuitive BrainOS® Technology
  • Built-in 3D and 2D cameras and sensors for navigation and routine
  • Four hours of operating time on two Discover AGM Batteries
  • Aqua Stop brush with non-abrasive nylon bristles for deep cleaning and a band to keep water inside the brush deck
  • Emergency features include two Auto-Stop Buttons, Horn, Anti-Joy Ride Detection, and Turn Signals.
  • Seven to Eight Hour Charging Time


Cleaning path: 20 in/50.8 cm
Productivity per hour theoretical max manual mode: 24,500 ft2 / 3106m2
Brush RPM: 175
Solution tank: 16 gal/60.5 L
Recovery tank including demising chamber: 16 gal/60.5 L
System voltage: 24 volts
Battery run time: Up to 4 hours
Battery: 230 Ah AGM
Weight empty: 343 lbs/155.5 kg
Weight empty with batteries: 615 lbs/279 kg
Length: 55.5 in/140.9 cm
Width: 26 in/66 cm
Height: 47.5 in/120.6cm