Tsunami Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuum

Key Features:
  • Recovers a full 16 gallons of recovery solution…  reducing labor cost by as much as 40%
  • Vacuum motor is located above recovery solution protecting the Vacuum motor from damage.
  • Engineering design allows for simple serviceability allowing lower cost of ownership.
  • Backed by the strongest warranty in the industry.
  • Front mount squeegee allows for effortless solution recovery. Comes standard with Urethane Squeegee Blades.
  • Available / comes with auxiliary tools to operate in dry or wet environments.

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General Overview

The versatile light weight one button operation Tsunami offers
elevated air intake with exceptional suction, while the wet option
makes the use of a mop and bucket an obsolete task.

Ease of Use

The wet unit is equipped with a 24″
primothane squeegee. (pictured above)
The wet/dry unit along with the
primothane squeegee offers a variety of dry
Built in vacuum
The built in placement of the
vacuum motor extends the life of
the motor and eliminates
unnecessary damage.

More Information

Spare Parts and Instruction Manual