B25 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Key Features:
  • Cleaning system with disc brush and pads
  • A user friendly control panel with intuitive control elements
  • A quick disconnect allows you to remove the squeegee for daily cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy fill compartment conveniently located on the front of the scrubber for efficient and operator ease of use
  • An bacterial tanks reduce fungal and bacterial growth, odor development
  • Easy removal of the tank provides easy access to the vacuum motor and lithium ion battery
  • Up to two hour run time on a single charge
  • Multiple level height adjustment handle for easy access to hard to reach places and perfect for transporting
  • Eco mode for noise-reduced, energy-saving operation

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General Overview

  • Cleaning system with disc brush and pads
  • Maneuverable and Easy to Maintain
  • Compact, maneuverable and ergonomic
  • Eco mode for noise-reduced, energy-saving operation

More Information


Length of machine: 38.2/47.2 in.
Width of machine: 20.5/24 in.
Height of machine: 33.1/43.3 in.
Brush unit: 17 in.
Squeegee: 24 in.
Theoretical sweeping capacity: 18,299 ft2/h
Weight: 165 lbs

Solution tank: 6.6 gal
Waste water tank: 6.6 gal
Brush speed: 150 rpm
Brush contact pressure: 73 lbs
Nominal voltage: 24 volts
Nominal output (max.): 770 watts

Green Features

We incorporate our corporate responsibility into the development of all Minuteman units from large to small this includes the Scrubmaster B25 walk-behind scrubber drier with innovations setting standards in today’s industry.

Optimmal recycle-ability is achieved by using environmentally friendly, recyclable and durable materials. Taking responsibility for sustainability involves reducing waste, and to minimize environmental impact.

  • Eco mode allows operation using 30% less power
  • Operator and environmentally friendly
  • Compact Design
  • Antibacterial Tank
  • All Inclusive and Self-Contained
  • Silent mode for noise-sensitive areas
  • Extremely Maneuverable, Flexible and Agile

Spare Parts and Instruction Manual

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