Max Ride 20 Vacuum Sweeper

Max Ride 20 Sweeper Vacuum

Key Features:
  • Combination ride on sweeper and vacuum
  • Large H.E.P.A bag capacity
  • ntegrated steel collection bag frame
  • Easy no tool removal of each brush
  • Ultra quiet operation at 68 dba

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General Overview

The Max Ride Sweeper Vacuum is the first rider combination sweeper/vacuum (Patent Pending). Built on an extremely durable e-coated steel frame with a large vacuum chamber and integrated bag chamber. This patent pending design delivers unmatched debris and dust pick-up. By sweeping first and vacuuming second, we have come up with the first clog-free vacuum in the industry. The Max Ride Sweeper Vacuum maximizes productivity at an exceptional value.

More Information:
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Sweep path: 20”
Sweeping brush speed: 700 RPM
Sweeper brush diameter: 6”
Vacuum brush speed: 1500 RPM
Vacuum brush diameter: 4”
Side broom diameter: 11”
Vacuum motor: 24V 2 stage
Vacuum airflow: 67 CFM
Vacuum waterlift: 51” H20
Sound pressure: 68 dab
Vacuum bag: HEPA Standard
Vacuum bag capacity: .58 ft^3 max
Hopper capacity: 190”^3
Max productivity: 27,200 sq ft/hr
Average productivity: 22,015 sq ft/hr
Turning radius: 50.5”
Maximum ramp climbing: 6%
Machine voltage: 24 VDC
Power source: 235AH AGM
Battery charger: On board
Maximum run time: 2.5-4.0 hours
Weight/W-Batteries: 342/691 lbs
Dimensions: 47.5” L x 26.25”W x 45”H