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Get The Right Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines for Your Business

Because of their steep tag price, commercial floor cleaning machines are considered as major investments, especially for small- and medium-scale businesses who are working with limited budgets. The pressure to get the most productive and cost-efficient machine causes many businesses to make the most common mistake when buying floor cleaning machines – blowing their budget on the most expensive floor cleaning machines the market has to offer. Businesses are often under the misguided notion that if it costs an arm and a leg, then it must be the best. They often overlook that it’s compatibility, and not price that determines whether a floor cleaning machine is worth the investment or not.

The Right Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines

What Type of Floor Surface Do You Have?

A typical automatic floor scrubber comes equipped with different brush types, and knowing which brush to pair with which floor surface is the key to achieving the maximum clean for your floors as possible.

Floor scrubbers that come with disc-shaped brushes are best used for surfaces that require hard cleaning. For example, parking areas or storage facilities that are constantly exposed to hard-to-remove stains such as oil, grease, tire marks, just to name a few. As most of these floor surfaces are often made from concrete, opt for a stiff brush that can penetrate the concrete floor. Stay away from metallic brushes which can leave its fibers on the concrete and rust.

If your flooring has an uneven surface, pick an automatic floor scrubber with a cylindrical brush. Due to its design, there’s no need to sweep your floor before scrubbing. Not only does it shorten your cleaning time, it also saves you money by eliminating the need to get a separate machine solely for sweeping.

How Big Is Your Floor’s Surface Area?

Similar to matching the type of brush to your floor’s material, the size of your automatic floor scrubber should also match the size of the area it’s meant to clean. A bulky machine may be effective for use in wide spaces like a gym’s or a warehouse’s floor, but not in buildings with narrow hallways.

An automatic floor scrubber’s cleaning power should also fit the needs of the floor space. Using a floor cleaning machine meant for home use in a commercial space that requires industrial strength cleaning, can only result in a dent in your budget either from repairs or a replacement.

If you’re still unsure whether you should invest in commercial floor cleaning machines for your business, just remember, compatibility is key.


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