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Cleaning Abilities to Note when Looking at Floor Scrubbers for Sale

Not all floor scrubbers are created equal. Cliché as it may sound, gone were the days when a bucket and a mop can get cleaning done in a snap, especially when a large floor area is concerned. Today, various models of industrial floor scrubbers are making waves in the market, attracting more companies to invest in their own to satisfy their cleaning demands.

Smart business owners are beginning to see the benefits of searching for floor scrubbers for sale. Not only are these specialized cleaning machines easy to use, but they are efficient and are more effective in maintaining a clean environment for both customers and employees.

When selecting a floor scrubber to be used in a business establishment, one needs to examine each model’s cleaning abilities.

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General Functions

Floor scrubbers have a set of automated brushes that spin as they pass by an area. Aside from picking up debris with its vacuum, a floor scrubber also deploys water and cleaning solution to get into tough stains on the floor. This is an ideal function to use when there is mud, oil, paint spills, and other chemicals present. The scrubber helps circulate clean water and solution onto the surface, and then it sucks up dirty water and stores it in another tank.

Type of Operation

Depending on the size of area to be cleaned, businesses can opt to buy ride on scrubbers or walk behind scrubbers. Both types are relatively simple to operate, and the employee does not require any additional training to use them when cleaning. Compared to ride on scrubbers, walk behind scrubbers are more compact, easy to maneuver in narrow aisles, and can be stored in a closet after use.

Other Notable Features

Many industrial floor scrubbers today have water-saving features, helping to maximize every drop. Also, the power sources are varied depending on the client’s needs. The scrubber may be fuel operated, plugged in, or battery operated. There are also safety features such as an auto shut-off switch and non-skid tires that prevent the machine from losing traction while it cleans.

There truly is a wide array of floors scrubbers for sale today, each with its own specialized cleaning features. Know these capabilities and determine if they are a good fit for your company’s cleaning requirements.

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