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Selecting Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines: Walk-behind or Ride-on?

So you’ve made the decision to purchase a commercial floor scrubber. Now you need to decide whether you should invest in one of the many advanced ride-on scrubbers in the market or if a walk-behind model would be the better choice for your needs. Consider these points as you weigh the advantages of both types of commercial floor cleaning machines.

commercial floor cleaning machines

Job size

Arguably the most important consideration when choosing the best scrubber for the job is the size or scope of the task itself. Generally speaking, if you have small and medium-sized floors with many obstacles, you’ll likely benefit more from using a walk-behind type of floor scrubber. If, however, your floor area is rather large and you just can’t cover that much ground on foot, you’ll want a ride-on version.

Operator fatigue

The primary benefit of ride-on equipment is the ability to minimize operator fatigue while increasing productivity. Since operators are able to travel faster, they are able to scrub for longer periods and cover more area with a ride-on floor scrubber.

Once you’ve weighed your options, visit a trusted cleaning equipment store like Minuteman International and purchase an automatic floor scrubber that’s right for your needs.


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