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Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines: The Key Advantages They Offer

The technology behind commercial floor cleaning has evolved since the days of simple cloth mops. While the latter may be well suited to a home, commercial cleaning machines can save a great deal of time and labor when cleaning large spaces like schools and offices. Take the automatic floor scrubber, for instance, which caters to various cleaning needs.

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The earliest automatic floor scrubbers resembled push lawn mowers and remain popular to this day. Push floor scrubbers have found competition, however, with the introduction of riding floor scrubbers, which further automate the process and reduce the labor involved in the cleaning process. Both types have their own unique advantages.

Push or “walk behind” floor scrubbers can increase productivity over manual cleaning greatly. In particular, they help reduce worker fatigue as cleaning staff can stay upright and cover a great deal more space than if they were to rely on the old mop and bucket method. Push floor scrubbers also generally cost less than riding models.

Ride-on models provide a significant boost to cleaning efficiency, by as much as 60%, mainly by reducing the forward motion that the operator has to do. Some studies even indicate that the initial up-front cost of investing in a ride on model can be mitigated in as fast a three months.

In any case, the size of commercial floor cleaning machines can have a noticeable effect on the time and effort needed to clean a space. Size can also impact energy efficiency and overhead cleaning costs. It makes no sense, for instance, to purchase an oversized unit, when you’ve got a rather small area to clean.

As the market grows, new innovations in commercial cleaning are becoming available. “Touchless” cleaning machines use cold water solutions to clean and dry spaces without the use of an operator. They also dry quicker and provide a more sanitary result. Extractors work as a high quality floor cleaning machine but also function as a cost-effective tool for carpet cleaning.

Sweeper/extractors double as carpet extractors and sweeping devices, effectively converging two processes into one easy task. Floor buffers, meanwhile, are variations on floor scrubbers designed specifically for linoleum, although many modern scrubbers are also equipped for this type of work.

If you are in the market for a low- commercial floor cleaning machine with user-friendly controls and convenient charging features, count on a company like Minuteman International to deliver exactly what you need.

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