General Overview

With one chassis and four interchangeable scrub decks to select from, the ES 2832 Easy Scrub Automatic Scrubber provides four model choices in one machine. Adaptable to meet your cleaning needs, the ES 2832 is available with two sizes of interchangeable scrub decks in 28 or 32 coverage, disc or cylindrical, and optional accessories. Constructed of a steel frame and rotationally-molded polyethylene tanks and bumpers, the ES 2832 is built to last. The ES 2832 is ergonomically designed for operator comfort and ease of use with one button scrub-smart control and an excellent line of sight due to its low profile. With outstanding maneuverability and standard large pneumatic studded tires , the ES 2832 can make an effortless turn on its own axis while recovering all dispensed water


Key Features:
  • Fully variable solution flow rate
  • Spray jets for cylindrical scrub deck, ensure uniform solution distribution on floor
  • Disc brushes are center-fed to keep water & chemical contained with more contact time
  • Easy-to-adjust two caster wheel adjustment insures proper squeegee setting
  • One piece, double wall, rotationally molded bumper can be easily removed for brush head access
  • Dirty water drain hose extends to five feet, allowing drainage at the side, rear or front of scrubber
  • “Belly Bar” to prevent the operator from being pinned against a wall while machine is in reverse
  • Large 12″ pneumatic tires grip the surface
  • Key switch to ensure authorized personnel use only
  • Hour meter
  • Large 31 gallon solution tank and 35 gallon recovery tank, provide for less emptying and refilling
  • Squeegee swings from side to side, picking up all water on 180 degree turns

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Ease of Use

  • Easy-to-interchange four scrub decks on one chassis
  • Easy-to-remove debris box on cylindrical scrub deck
  • Easy-to-adjust two caster wheel adjustment insures proper squeegee setting
  • Easy-to-read LED battery gauge also acts an an error code warning system
  • Easy to clean out 4″ access hole in recovery tank


Brush Motor & RPM (Cyl): (2) 1 HP 900 rpm
Brush Motor & RPM (Disc): 2 HP dual right angle 300 rpm
Brush Pressure: 2 Settings: Regular & Heavy
Caster Wheels: (2) 5″ (13 cm)
Drive Motor: 1/2 HP transaxle
Front Wheels: (2) 12″ Pneumatic (30 cm)
Front Wheels: (2) 12″ Pneumatic (30 cm)
Height: 46″ (116 cm)
Length: 66″ (167 cm)
Performance: 33500 ft²/ hr (3112 m²/ hr)
Recovery Capacity: 35 gallons (132 L)
Scrub Brush (Cyl): (2) 31- 1/4 Offset (79 cm)
Scrub Brush (Disc): (2) 16″ (40.5 cm)
Scrub Path: 32″ (81 cm)
Solution Capacity: 31 gallons (117 L)
Squeegee Width: 47″ (119 cm)
Width: 38″ (96 cm)