General Overview

  • Lightweight and extremely maneuverable
  • Extremely durable and sustainable with features such as cord strain relief, virtually indestructible composite materials on heavy wear parts, floating head, and automatic belt shut off
  • Large vacuum head width allows for more efficient vacuuming
  • 1000 – 1150 watt vacuum motor deep cleans on the first pass
  • Telescoping wand, 4:1 expandable hose and on-board tools allow for quick change to edging, upholstery and high cleaning
  • Quick release cord wrap

V14 Pro Plus

Key Features:
  • Powerful 1000 – 1150 watt vacuum motor and 150 watt brush motor
  • HEPA 5 stage filtration for clean exhaust air and improved indoor air quality
  • Switch between the high power or extra quiet mode depending on the noise sensitivity of the environment
  • Poly V-belt will stop operating if the brush is jams, preventing interior damage from large debris
  • Hose inlet is removable for easy clean out
  • Full bag indicator light
  • Vacuum cover will not shut unless the bag is attached correctly in order to protect the vacuum
  • Cord strain relief for longer life
  • Flexible nylon housing is virtually indestructible
  • On-board tool kit included
  • Pro Plus models come standard with back wheels kit, upright release foot pedal and advanced electronics

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Ease of Use

  • Floating head means no adjustments necessary
  • Lightweight at 15 lbs. with an ergonomic handle
  • On-board tools, expandable hose and telescopic wand makes the right tool available at all times
  • HEPA filter has easy access and is easy to change for constant clean air


Noise Level: 66 dB(A) High /62 dB(A) Low
Vacuum Power: 1150 watts

Green Features

  • HEPA filter for indoor air quality
  • Sustainable and durable construction and parts
  • Easy to operate
  • ETL listed
  • CRI Certified

Parts and User Manual