Port a Scrub 12 (Battery)

General Overview

The Port A Scrub 12 is easier on the indoor environment and make cleaning so simple, it is actually enjoyable. In- house facility managers, building engineers, housekeepers and BSCs will appreciate the Port A Scrub 12’s superior exibility, advanced productivity and reduced environmen- tal impact. Where high quality oor cleaning performance, ease of use and durability are called for, the Port A Scrub 12 is the most versatile and effective answer for any hard or soft oor surface.

Port a Scrub 12 (Battery)

Key Features:
  • Increased savings on chemical costs and water
  • Offers cordless operation with sealed, maintenance free Lithium-Iron Phosphate batteries
  • Multi-purpose floor scrubber used for both hard and soft floors
  • Excellent maneuverability, no heavy pushing, pulling or lifting
  • Accessible and removable tanks for fast solution changes and emptying
  • Whisper-quiet operation, perfect for daytime cleaning in noise-sensitive environments
  • Better carpet cleaning method than Bonnet cleaning

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