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How Commercial Cleaning and Stripping Floor Machines Make Cleaning Easier

There’s no denying that clean, shiny floors make any establishment attractive. But aside from improved aesthetic appeal, keeping your floors well-maintained will prolong their life, saving you thousands of dollars down the line.

Unfortunately, there’s no other part of your building that takes a harder beating than your floors. Years of foot traffic, along with exposure to dust, mud, and snow, will slowly but surely strip off its sheen. Before you know it, a feature that most of your customers take for granted while it’s clean will become a major eyesore when it’s ill-maintained.

How Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines Make Floor Scrubbing Easier

Floor Stripping Explained

The good news is that worn floors need not always be replaced; a lot of times, they can be given a new lease on life through the process of floor stripping. In a nutshell, the process involves removing the top layers of a floor (like wax, for instance) in order to reveal the tiles underneath. Once this is done, you can then reapply a new layer of surface coating to make your floors shiny as new.

There’s a catch, though: floor stripping happens to be one of the most time-consuming floor maintenance procedures. It involves applying a rather expensive stripping material to your floor, manually removing the surface coating, and cleaning up the resulting mulch. The process is certainly not a walk in the park.

The Process of Dry Stripping

Recently, though, a new method called dry stripping has made this cumbersome process much easier. Instead of using chemicals to strip floors, dry stripping involves using friction to sand away the top-most floor layers. And at the heart of this novel method are advanced floor cleaning machines that are specially designed to work on particular surfaces.

While these equipment can function as a standard walk-behind floor scrubber ideal for everyday cleaning, a flick of a switch activates a second mode that allows them to dry strip time-worn floors. As such, these tools become an all-in-one floor care solution, since it is capable of both day-to-day maintenance, as well as preparing older floors for restoration.

As people often say, the little details are the most telling, and a perfect example of this are floors. The care and attention you provide to this much-abused but oft-forgotten part of your establishment can say a lot about the type of service you provide to people. Luckily, there are now innovative cleaning equipment that make it easier to restore older floors to their former glory. If you’re interested in purchasing these dry stripping floor cleaners, be sure to work with trusted manufacturers that have excellent product lines and a sterling reputation in the industry.

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