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Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines: Tips for Making Great Purchases

Commercial floor cleaning machines make it faster and easier to thoroughly clean your facility, and there is an extensive range of makes and models available today. These vary based on their power sources, the speed and rotation of the cleaning heads, if they have suction or only scrubbing capabilities and more. Because there are so many differences between the options available on the market, it is important to thoroughly review them so you make the best buying decision possible.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines: Tips for Making Great Purchases

Focus on Your Needs

Two of the main differences between models of commercial floor scrubbers are size and maneuverability. The size of the commercial floor scrubber will play a role in how long it will take to clean your space as well as how easy it is to maneuver in and out of tight spaces, around corners and through doorways.

Take a closer look at the floor space that needs to be cleaned in your facility, and focus on the smallest or most narrow areas initially. The machine should be able to clean these areas. However, because a smaller head will take longer to clean your space, choosing the smallest head available may not be ideal. Think about investing in a machine that has the largest head that is still suitable for use in your tightest areas.

Think About Functional Use 

There are functional considerations to pay attention to as well. For example, if the unit is electric, the length of the cord versus the location of power outlets in your space is important. If it is battery-operated, the life of the battery and the length of time needed to charge it should be considered. In addition, the size of the clean and dirty water tanks is also important. Unplugging the cord, refilling the tank and other related tasks will increase the amount of time required to clean the floor.

The right floor scrubber can simplify your cleaning tasks while also helping you to generate more thorough results. Pay attention to these points as you shop around, and you can more easily find the right model to purchase from a vendor such as Minuteman International.


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