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A Guide on Keeping Your Commercial Floor Scrubber in Good Condition

Buying an automatic floor scrubber to keep your business establishment clean is a worthy investment. Among other floor cleaning machines, a scrubber will help provide a conducive environment for your employees and customers. A dirty building may turn clients off, as well as expose your staff to health and safety risks.

Owning a commercial floor scrubber, however, doesn’t stop when you purchase it. You need to know how to properly use and maintain it as well. This way, you can extend its service life, preventing damages to it that may disrupt your business’s maintenance schedule. When keeping cleaning equipment in good condition, you have to consider several factors.

Commercial Floor Scrubber in Good Condition


The brushes attached underneath the machine gather the dirt and debris. Given this, it’s necessary to clean the bristles regularly. Otherwise, the dirt will collect there and eventually lead to a machine malfunction.


The same goes for the squeegee. A dirty squeegee will leave marks on the floor when the machine brushes over it. This defeats the purpose of the scrubber. Before using the machine, make sure that the squeegee is spot clean so that it can effectively remove dirt, lint, and other debris.


Scrubbers run on batteries, which you need to inspect and maintain regularly. You can restore a failing battery by pouring distilled water into the port when charging it. However, keep track of the water to avoid an overflow that may cause acid damage to the flooring.

Moreover, choose safe batteries for your cleaning machines, such as the gel-type battery. The gel is less likely to spill out of the battery. Also, always remember to not completely drain your battery charge. Always keep them well charged to prolong their life.


The joints are responsible for making the machine operate smoothly. You can preserve them by rubbing oil on them regularly. There are different types of oil, so, ask the manufacturer which one should be used on your machine.

When it comes to maintenance of commercial floor cleaning machines, information is vital. You can get it from the manufacturer itself or the owner’s manual, which should always come with the purchase. If the machine sustains damage, get it repaired immediately. Don’t take maintenance for granted because it can determine the efficiency and lifespan of your cleaning equipment.


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