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Keeping it Clean: Choosing the Right Commercial Floor Scrubber for You

Most business owners recognize the importance of presenting a clean and tidy business. Even if customers or business partners hardly ever set foot inside your premises, a clean area is vital to smooth production and the overall health of your staff. A good way to keep your facility spotless at regular intervals is to use commercial floor cleaning machines from a company such as Minuteman International. If you need to purchase these types of equipment, keep in mind certain key factors when choosing and caring for them.

Keeping it Clean Choosing the Right Commercial Floor Scrubber for You

Evaluating Your Company’s Space

When it comes to floor sweepers or scrubbers for commercial spaces, the size of the space is a primary consideration. In most cases, a push sweeper should suffice for spaces that are less than 50,000 square feet. In areas that are larger than 50,000 square feet, a ride-on sweeper would be more suitable as it allows the operator to cover more ground in an efficient manner.

Evaluating Your Company’s Needs

When choosing a commercial floor scrubber, it is also necessary to evaluate the needs of your company. For instance, consider the types of debris the machine may be cleaning. If the area being cleaned is a high-traffic section, it will need a more powerful sweeper than one that is intended for use in an area visited or used by only a few people once or twice a week. Surface type, maneuverability, and power source are other important considerations.

Caring for a Commercial Cleaning Machine

Buying the commercial floor cleaning machine is only part of the task at hand. The other part, caring for the commercial sweeper, comes into play after the purchase has been made. Simple maintenance can help a commercial cleaning machine last for several years.

One easy maintenance task is to clean the cleaning machine at the end of every shift. It is also important to empty all tanks and hoses, as any water left over in the machine can become stagnant. Finally, allow batteries to run out on their own instead of keeping these machines plugged in all the time; this should help extend the battery life.


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