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Water-Saving Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines: A Worthy Investment

According to a study published in the journal Science Advances, about 4 billion people experience severe water shortages at least once a year. A vast majority of these people reside in Africa and the Middle East, where water supply has long been an issue.

However, just because it doesn’t happen in your backyard, doesn’t mean it’s none of your business. After all, all mankind call Planet Earth home, sharing the same resources, including water. In the United States, there have been signs that water shortage is also becoming an issue. In fact, the same study states that 130 million of those who face severe water scarcity happen to live in states like California, Florida, and Texas.

Floor Cleaning Machines

The Business of Water

Believe it or not, businesses happen to be one of the biggest users of water. For instance, the average restaurant uses about 5,800 gallons of water a day, an amount that covers everything from preparing the food to washing the dishes. Businesses like car washes also consume large amounts of water on a daily basis, as do industries like mining and petroleum. As such, businesses have a huge responsibility when it comes to water usage.

Of course, minimizing water use has a lot to do with streamlining operations, but don’t forget about an important but oft-overlooked area: cleaning. A garage, for instance, will use a huge amount of water to wash off grease from the floor. Similarly, hospitals have to keep the floors clean round the clock to prevent the spread of infections.

A Greener Way to Scrub

In response to the need for greener cleaning options, companies like Minuteman International now offers eco-friendly commercial cleaning equipment. For instance, the company offers the E26 Eco, a commercial floor scrubber specifically designed to save water. Using the Aqua Saver Technology, the scrubber’s 12-gallon tank can clean the same floor area as a machine with a 24-gallon tank. For businesses that require the cleaning of large floor areas, the 50% water savings is surely a noteworthy feature.

This compact but capable scrubber is also eco-friendly in more ways than one. Thanks to its 26-inch cleaning path, it can quickly and efficiently clean floors, which helps save electricity as well.

Your Own Little Way

Water is as essential to businesses as businesses are important to the economy. Even simple things, like using water-saving commercial floor cleaning machines, should go a long way towards ensuring that there’s enough water for everyone.

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