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Floor Scrubbers: Validating Your Investment of a Ride-on Scrubber

Floor scrubbers for sale come in all shapes and sizes. From small corded machines to large battery- or fuel-powered behemoths, there are indeed many options from which to choose. For properties with a large amount of floor space, however, the ride-on variety is generally the best option due to the larger scrubbing width, reduced operator fatigue, larger water/detergent storage capacity and more. All these features equate to one major advantage: enhanced productivity. These three significant advantages are explained below.

A Handy Guide on Automatic Floor Scrubber Maintenance and Shopping

A floor scrubber has delicate components, so you’ll need to follow a few steps in order to keep your machine in optimum condition. Before you implement any advanced procedures, carefully read the owner’s manual for your unit. The booklet should have a chapter that addresses the maintenance requirements that are specifically designed for the machine.