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How Floor Scrubbers Can Prevent the Spread of Nosocomial Diseases

Many people think that a hospital is the last place where they can catch a disease. After all, a hospital is the first place they go to when they need treatment. However, professionals in the health industry know that the truth is more nuanced that this. While hospitals try their best to keep the premises as sanitary as possible, there’s always the risk of a patient contracting a nosocomial disease–otherwise known as a hospital acquired disease–especially if they are confined for prolonged periods.

Water-Saving Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines: A Worthy Investment

According to a study published in the journal Science Advances, about 4 billion people experience severe water shortages at least once a year. A vast majority of these people reside in Africa and the Middle East, where water supply has long been an issue. However, just because it doesn’t happen in your backyard, doesn’t mean it’s none of your business. After all, all mankind call Planet Earth home, sharing the same resources, including water. In the United States, there have been signs that water shortage is also becoming an issue. In fact, the same study states that 130 million of... Read More

Floor Scrubber – Understanding What It Is and What It Can Do For You

Before the advent of floor scrubbers, cleaning our floors would require a lot of water, soap and some strong chemicals to get rid of stains. The task would even require you to get down on your knees and spend a lot of time cleaning your floors. Today, with floor scrubbers for sale, the hard work spent cleaning has been reduced significantly. A floor scrubber is otherwise known as a mop and quite an efficient innovation to greatly reduce the labor spent on cleaning floors. In many buildings and establishments more than commercial equipment, it is fairly common to see this... Read More

Choosing Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines with the Right Features

Since there are cleaning standards being put up today with the same or decreased maintenance budget, it is often a struggle for business owners and managers alike to look for ways in order to clean facilities without increasing the budget of each especially when your facility is subject to heavy foot traffic on a daily basis. Therefore, you resort to commercial floor cleaning machines so you can clean your facility efficiently without any need for additional cost. If you hire cleaning professionals to do the job for you, they have cleaning equipment designed to deliver you the kind of cleaning... Read More

4 Important Factors to Consider Before Investing in Floor Scrubbers

To any building service contractor, having reliable cleaning equipment is necessary. Every buyer will have to put several factors into consideration before purchasing cleaning equipment. For commercial establishments, however, one would never go wrong with automatic floor scrubbers for sale. Some of the most important factors they have to consider when choosing the right automatic floor scrubber include:

Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines: The Key Advantages They Offer

The technology behind commercial floor cleaning has evolved since the days of simple cloth mops. While the latter may be well suited to a home, commercial cleaning machines can save a great deal of time and labor when cleaning large spaces like schools and offices. Take the automatic floor scrubber, for instance, which caters to various cleaning needs.

Selecting Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines: Walk-behind or Ride-on?

So you’ve made the decision to purchase a commercial floor scrubber. Now you need to decide whether you should invest in one of the many advanced ride-on scrubbers in the market or if a walk-behind model would be the better choice for your needs. Consider these points as you weigh the advantages of both types of commercial floor cleaning machines.

Spotlight on Minuteman Rider Floor Scrubbers

We provide automatic floor scrubbers for every facility’s budget and needs. These machines enable you to clean large spaces faster and easier than ever before, and they include features that increase operator comfort, boost efficiency and enhance the productivity of your cleaning program. The E Ride 21 With a 21-inch cleaning path and compact design, this riding automatic floor scrubber is one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market today. Features include one-touch brush and vacuum starting, ergonomically-designed steering wheel, integrated dashboard and controls and a TURBO button that sends a blast of chemical solution just when you need... Read More